The must-see sites in Cyprus

Cyprus is an exquisite Mediterranean island that has attracted a lot of interest in recent years. It has to be said that “the beauty” does have a lot going for it, from a tourist point of view: beautiful coves, still-preserved natural environment, magnificent archaeological sites and delicious cuisine.

Cyprus, with its divided identity, combines both Greek and Turkish culture for the delight of its visitors, just a short flight from the major European cities.

Visiting Cyprus: the archaeological site of Paphos

On the south coast of Cyprus, let's go to Paphos to discover one of the most interesting archaeological sites on the island.

The site is very large and dates back to the end of the 4th century BC. In fact, only a tiny part of the remains can be seen there, as the rest are still buried underground. You can admire beautiful Roman mosaics.

It is said that Aphrodite, goddess of love and beauty, was born off the coast of Paphos, is it possible that the atmosphere of the place is so magical?

Paphos is also a pleasant seaside resort and the surroundings are full of coves with translucent waters for enchanted swims.

Visit Cyprus: Nicosia

The city of Nicosia is located in the centre of the island and has a unique feature for a capital city, as since 1974, a wall called the Green Line has divided it between the Republic of Cyprus and the Turkish zone. But don't worry, the city is perfectly safe.

The old town is magnificent, surrounded by 16th century ramparts, with many museums such as the Cyprus Museum (the most beautiful museum in Cyprus), monasteries, churches, mosques... a cultural melting pot that will delight history lovers.

For accommodation, the Cypriot part of Nicosia offers far nicer addresses than the Turkish part of the city.

The official website of the Archaeology Museum of Cyprus

Cyprus: Limassol

The second largest city in Cyprus is an ideal base for exploring the south of the island, from Paphos to Famagusta.

Two must-see attractions in Limassol: the medieval castle, in the heart of the old town and the Greco-Roman theatre of Kourion. And don’t miss the beautiful promenade that connects the pretty hotels by the sea.

This seaside resort is much more peaceful than the resorts to the east of the island, making it particularly suitable for families looking for peace and quiet.

Karpas Peninsula

The Cyprus Karpas peninsula, as yet undiscovered by tourists, is not to be missed. If you are looking for the Cyprus of yesteryear, it is here that you will find it, among fabulous meadows, steep cliffs, still wild beaches, archaeological sites and beautiful villages.

A vehicle is essential to travel through this region, which will seduce visitors searching for authenticity.

We recommend that you stay in the beautiful and charming city of Famagusta, with its old-fashioned charm. From there, don't miss the remains of the ancient Salamis, a remarkable archaeological site and the golden beach where, with a little luck, you will be able to see sea turtles.

Getting to Cyprus: flying is a good way to get to the island. Particularly since many low-cost airlines fly to Larnaca airport.

Ferries are also an excellent option, providing the opportunity to take an elegant and comfortable vehicle, ideal for travelling around the island.

You can collect your new DS very easily and quickly at one of our conveniently located pick-up points, wherever your departure site is located.

Please note that the DS EURO PASS contract only covers the Greek part of the Cypriot island.

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