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Places not to be missed in Athens

Athens, one of the cradles of humanity, deserves much more than the few hours that tourists on the way to one of its wonderful islands usually give it.

Its wealth of historical treasures, museums, parks and gardens, its port, its picturesque districts and the kindness of its inhabitants will leave you with just one desire: to come back soon!

Between modernity and ancient art, these are the essentials of a visit to Athens.

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The Acropolis and the Parthenon

The Acropolis hill overlooking Athens is the historical heart of the city and above all one of its most iconic symbols. The Parthenon, dedicated to Athena, the city's patron goddess, is one of the seven wonders of the ancient world and no one can remain indifferent to its impressive dimensions, which make us all feel very small. It has inspired many institutions that are still active today, such as the British Museum.

A UNESCO World Heritage Site, the superb view of Athens from the top of the hill delights history and art lovers and captivates us all.

The Grand Promenade

Designed for the 2004 Summer Olympic Games, this 3km-long pedestrian walkway connects the city's most important locations, enabling you to discover all of its ancient sites, while strolling pleasantly.

Good to know: the pedestrian zone stretches from Dionysiou Areopagitou Street to Thissio and Keramikos Streets.

We recommend that you plan your visit on a Sunday, the day on which a great flea market is held.

 The Hill of the Muses

Also known as the Philopappos hill, it peaks at 147 metres, offering a 360° view of the entire city. In ancient times, the site was dedicated to the Muses. There you can find ancient cave dwellings that lead to the great monument of Philopappos. At sunset, the hill of the Muses is a unique experience.

The National Garden of Athens

In the heart of Athens, right next to the Hellenic Parliament, the National Garden, created in 1923, is a true oasis of greenery, perfect in very hot weather. Access to the 15-hectare park is free and the site is open from sunrise to sunset. Here, you can come across animals such as turtles, goats, or peacocks...

The Olympic Stadium

For a pleasant change from the ancient sites, we recommend the Olympic stadium, also called Kallimarmaro, located near the national garden. Constructed on the site of the ancient stadium built in the 4th century BC and renovated in 1896 for the first Olympic Games, it is the final stage of the Athens marathon.

Athens is an amazing city, which will surprise you not just with the richness of its museums and ancient sites but also with its colourful districts. It is the perfect place to spend a few days before heading off to discover the heavenly Greek islands.

Getting to Greece: the most convenient way is by car, which will give you complete freedom to travel. All ferries accept motorized vehicles.

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