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Discovery tour in Luxembourg

Discovery tour in Luxembourg


How would you like to discover Luxembourg? A small region of barely 2,586 km² in size, nevertheless the Grand Duchy has many sites to offer those who take the trouble.

Varied landscapes, festive traditions, unsuspected natural resources, a remarkably preserved feudal past, industrial sites... Luxembourg is a very pleasant destination that plays on contrasts: rich history and incredible modernity, local charm and international fame, mountains and valleys...


After reading this mini travel guide, you will see Luxembourg in a different light!


Visiting Luxembourg, the capital city

The city of Luxembourg offers a dual atmosphere to its visitors with an old city perched on a rocky spur dating back to the 10th century, while the Kirchberg plateau is the modern and contemporary facade of Luxembourg, home to many European, cultural and financial institutions.

The ramparts of the upper town and the bastions of the former fortress of Luxembourg are listed as UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

To discover the city, we recommend the Wenzel circuit, a two-hour signposted walk, which will guide you along the city's ramparts and through its cobbled streets to best admire churches, towers and palaces.


The Casemates of the Bock

These are labyrinthine underground galleries hewn directly into the rock and they are unique in the world! A 17-km underground network and more than 40,000 m2 of shelters, they were used during both world wars and could accommodate up to 35,000 people. A must-see!


The Vianden Castle

Luxembourg has a culture of defence that dates back to the Middle Ages. The testimony of this heritage is fully reflected in the Vianden Castle, the most magnificent of the Grand Duchy's castles. Perched on a high hill, surrounded by forests, it is beautiful and well worth a visit.

Built between the 11th and 14th centuries, the Vianden Castle has been very well restored and here, you can discover the period interiors.

The Vianden Castle is open every day from 10am to 4pm.


The Mullerthal

Also known as Luxembourg's Little Switzerland, because of its many rocky hills, this is a region of magnificent forests where visitors can hike in the heart of the countryside to discover lakes, natural paths, waterfalls...

There are also beautiful medieval castles and in Echternach an international music festival is held every year from May to December.


The Land of the Red Rocks

In the south of the Duchy, this region is witness to Luxembourg's industrial past. The red of the iron ore gave its name to this region.

Iron ore extraction is at the origin of Luxembourg's economic development. You can visit former industrial sites and many activities help you understand the history of Luxembourg. Not to be missed, the Luxembourg National Museum of Iron Mines, the Font de Gras Industrial Park and for music lovers, many pop rock music scenes are opened regularly.

Throughout southern Luxembourg, there is a desire to enhance and restore the region’s particularly interesting industrial past.

Luxembourg deserves to be known for more than just its banks and large companies. You will enjoy travelling safely with our confortable Citroën TT cars through the country on its beautiful, well-maintained roads, where you can discover the country’s culture and geography. Book your Citroën car and enjoy Luxembourg journey.

More information on the official Luxembourg tourism website.