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Where to park in Paris during the 2024 Olympic Games ?

Paris offers various parking options for visitors during the Olympic Games. Underground car parks, surface parking lots, and temporary parking areas will be available to meet the increased demand during this international event. Underground car parks are often convenient and secure but may be more expensive. Surface parking lots provide a more economical alternative but may be harder to find due to high demand.

Our Tips for Finding Parking During the Olympic Games 


Book in Advance

With the influx of visitors during the Olympic Games, it is recommended to book your parking space in advance if possible. Many online platforms offer parking reservations in Paris, allowing you to guarantee your spot ahead of time.

Explore Temporary Parking

During the Olympic Games, temporary parking areas may be set up to accommodate visitors' vehicles. Inquire with the Olympic Games organizers or local authorities to find out the location of these parking areas and access conditions.

Use Public Transportation

The Paris City Hall has redesigned the metro routes to best serve the event venues. Paris has an excellent public transportation network, including the metro, buses, and trams. During the Olympic Games, prioritize public transportation to get around the city rather than using your personal vehicle. This will reduce pressure on parking areas and help avoid traffic jams.

Plan Ahead

Before heading to Paris for the Olympic Games, plan your itinerary and parking options. Consult parking maps, operating hours, and rates to avoid surprises once you arrive.

Avoid Peak Hours

Peak hours in Paris can be particularly congested, especially during the Olympic Games. Try to plan your travels outside of peak hours to avoid traffic jams.

Use Navigation Apps

Navigation apps like Google Maps or Waze can help you find the fastest routes and avoid congested areas. Use them to plan your trips and navigate efficiently around the city.

Plan ahead, explore all available options, and be prepared to use public transportation to get around the city efficiently. With proper organization, you can fully enjoy this global event without worrying about parking.