Three days in Porto, Portugal

Porto has been declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, proof of all the richness that the city has to offer its visitors. A little less touristic than the beautiful Lisbon, Porto is certainly worth a visit.  It is very easy to get to, as many airlines, including EasyJet and Ryanair, propose flights at very low prices. You can pick up your rental car directly on site, in our pick-up point located inside the airport.

Follow the guide and head off for a weekend to Porto, a very cosmopolitan city, between past and present.

City Passes on offer:

● Porto Transport Card: 13€/day. Free transport and free passes or discounts for essential city tours.

● Porto Pedestrian Card: 6€/day. Same principle as above, not including free transport.

For more information: the official website of the city

Getting to São Bento station

It may seem strange to go to the railway station if you arrive by plane, but São Bento station is really worth a visit. You will find magnificent azulejos - the famous decorated earthenware tiles from Spain and Portugal, decorated with geometric motifs or figurative representations. Here, scenes of daily life are beautifully displayed on the station walls.

Coffee at the Majestic Café

This is one of the most beautiful cafés in Portugal, founded in 1921, which still retains all its charm of yesteryear. Be careful though, the prices at the Majestic are a little higher than in other establishments in the city.

Increase your knowledge at the Lello bookstore

An incredible bookstore, once again, one of the most beautiful in the world. Close your eyes for a moment and drift into the universe of Harry Potter! Inaugurated in 1906, this store is a timeless escape, with its central staircase sitting on a blood-red floor winding its way through ancient books, its glazing gently letting the light infuse, and its unique neo-gothic style.

Carmo and Carmelitas churches

Close to the bookstore, don't miss these two very unique churches, which look like they are connected. And yet, they are actually separated by the smallest building in Porto. You can visit it, just like the churches.

The Bolhao market

Take Sainte Catherine street - the most commercial and lively street in the city - and then Formasa street, which will lead you to the market. Here, only fresh, local produce is sold, in a very friendly atmosphere, frequented by the Portuguese - inhabitants of Porto - who come to do their shopping. A few restaurants are the chance for you to have a relaxing lunch surrounded by the fountains and Azulejos frescoes.

Cruise on the Douro

This activity is a little cliché, but it is so enjoyable on a sunny day! These mini cruises let you take a step back from the city, to appreciate its beautiful houses and admire the beautiful Ponte Dom Luis. There is so much to do in Porto that three days will be a little short. A good excuse to come back to this typical city to enjoy the relaxed lifestyle, with a glass of porto or vinho verde in hand.

On a practical side: Porto is the location of one of our vehicle collect and return centres (directly on the airport site) where you can easily pick up your new DS.

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