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Purchase of the vehicle at the end of the contract

CAR-2-EUROPE Achat du véhicule en fin de contrat

Dear Customers,

During your stay, CAR-2-EUROPE offers you the opportunity to buy the vehicle permanently and at very advantageous conditions, or to let your loved ones benefit from this offer.

This can be an excellent solution if you wish to have a vehicle for your next stay.

For this purpose, you must then contact CAR-2-EUROPE no later than 2 weeks before the scheduled return date of your vehicle in order to receive your commercial buy-back proposal customized according to the equipment present on your vehicle.

Here are the contact details:

If you buy back the vehicle, you can benefit from a discount ranging from 20% to 25% (for internal combustion engines) or 15% (for hybrid engines) of the current new vehicle price in France.

We remind you that you will have to pay VAT for Metropolitan France or local taxes for other countries of registration.

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