New Peugeot Rifter: for the pleasure of the road!

New Peugeot Rifter: for the pleasure of the road!

The new Peugeot Ludospace enters the big leagues with this Rifter, designed both for outdoor use and for use in the city. Go from the office on Friday to the mountain roads on weekends in the blink of an eye with this vehicle, as beautiful as it is comfortable, as desirable as it is safe … a versatility perfectly adapted to today’s world, always in motion.

A design designed for action
Rifter has a lot of allure, resolutely cut for action. Robust, agile, he will be from all your outings, nothing scares him. Mountain, sea, river, countryside … it will be the ally of your sports weekends, your family holidays, your outings with friends.
A short and high hood, a raised ground clearance, it has all the codes of the vehicle adapt

ed to all the paths while adopting a balanced and dynamic silhouette.

If Rifter does not go unnoticed on the road, its interior has nothing to envy to its powerful and elegant exterior.

Comfort and modularity
Love yourself on its ergonomic seats of quality, extremely comfortable, adapted to all morphologies and let yourself be led to the most beautiful adventures. Its comfort does not stop at the seats and it is all the acoustics of this vehicle that has been worked to offer you a pleasant space, dedicated to your well-being.

Outdoor means the need for storage, modularity, functional spaces … and that’s exactly what Rifter offers. Available in 5 or 7 seats and in two lengths, everything is possible or almost possible on board your vehicle: front passenger seat and rear seat in 2/3-1/3 or 3 individual seats with the «Magic Flat» system retractable in the floor, 3rd row with 2 extractable individual seats… It is up to you to choose the configuration of your Rifter according to your needs and desires.

Its trunk, with an impressive volume from 775 L to 3500 L for the Standard version and up to 4000 L for the 5-seater Long version, will be ideal for busy families as well as for storing all your sports equipment. Not to mention that we thought of loading and unloading, facilitated by the opening bezel, the threshold of the low trunk and the flat floor.

Smart also, its glass roof that offers extra storage to fit all your travel belongings.

Rifter, made for all your adventures
When you travel, you are looking for new sensations. Those offered by your Rifter will complement those of your personal adventures.
With the PEUGEOT i-Cockpit®, Peugeot offers more agile and instinctive driving thanks to a compact steering wheel with integrated voice controls, a head-up handset and an 8' capacitive touchscreen.

At the heart of the interior, everything is designed to make your life easier and let you enjoy the pleasure of driving with the connected 3D navigation that brings you real-time route information.

A comfortable city trip as well as road trip PEUGEOT RIFTER offers a versatility to all those who know that elegance goes very well with sportiness. Are you ready for a new driving experience?