DS3 Crossback, the elegant and high-tech SUV!

DS3 Crossback, the elegant and high-tech SUV!

Head off to discover Europe’s most beautiful roads with your new DS 3 CROSSBACK!

A mix of elegance, comfort and technology, the DS 3 CROSSBACK will be a faithful companion on all your road-trips. Comfortable both in the city and on the open-road, exploration holds no limits for you.

The DS 3 CROSSBACK: uniquely stylish

DS looked to the fashion world for the inspiration for its new SUV, with a chic and elegant design.

Inside the DS3 Crossback, you will step into a world of grained leather, full grain nappa leather, Alcantara, chrome inserts and topstitching made with pearl stitches or diamond pattern, as if by a seamstress. Not to mention the hand-sewn leather steering wheel, just like a haute couture dress.

The body of the DS 3 CROSSBACK is sleek, imposing, muscular, yet fine and delicate with its very slim lights and flush door handles that unfold when you need them, discreetly folding close to the bodywork when not in use.

This compact SUV with a large trunk, specially designed for family travel, will meet all your expectations: ultra-customisable, you can choose from 10 body colours, 3 roof colours, 10 alloy wheel themes and 5 interior styles inspired by the most beautiful places in Paris: Montmartre, Opéra, Bastille, Rivoli, not forgetting the sportier Performance Line and La Première limited series of launches.

The DS 3 CROSSBACK: cutting-edge technology at your service

On holiday, your worries disappear and all you want to do is enjoy your loved ones and the moment, leaving your daily life behind, for a little peace and quiet.

Your new DS will give you all of this. Its technological developments are designed to make your life easier.

Take the ADML PROXIMITY remote recognition feature for example. As you get close to your DS, its 4 door handles unfold to unlock. Step away and the handles retract and the vehicle locks automatically. So, you can gently lay your tired sleeping child down in the car, without having to look for your keys in your pocket and risk waking him up.

The DS 3 CROSSBACK: driving for pleasure

Get ready to enjoy long road-trips in Italy, Spain or Eastern Europe thanks to the unique DS DRIVE ASSIST innovation. This feature positions your vehicle precisely in its lane thanks to its ground markings identification function, while the cruise control capability uses its Stop&Go function to adapt your car speed: respecting the safety distance with the vehicle in front of you and in case of deceleration, stop and start management.

Traveling is often associated with smells, sensations, sounds... with the FOCAL Electra signature, the DS top of the range on-board hi-fi gives you an exceptional musical experience. With its 12 speakers and 515 watts of amplification, the interior of your DS 3 CROSSBACK is an auditorium. Balanced, vibrant sound will be with you on every journey, marking all your holidays with an acoustic signature.

The DS 3 CROSSBACK adapts to all desires, all roads, all environments. Driving it is an incredible experience and its comfort will delight all your passengers, making sure that they arrive at their destination relaxed and in a good mood.

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