DS 7 CROSSBACK, French charm

DS 7 CROSSBACK, French charm

What better way to travel the beautiful roads of France and Europe? The SUV DS 7 CROSSBACK has everything to please driving enthusiasts, whose priority is the comfort and safety of their passengers but also elegance and the very French chic that the whole world envies us.

At the wheel of your DS 7 CROSSBACK, your holidays will never be the same again!

A Signature of Elegance

An SUV can be elegant, distinguished and refined. The DS 7 CROSSBACK, with its combination of high-quality materials, technological innovation and showcasing of French craftsmanship, is exactly that.

With its DS WINGS and lights, designed like pieces of jewellery, its bonnet is recognizable at a glance, combining finesse, elegance and cutting-edge technological precision for your safety and comfort.

DS 7 CROSSBACK: comfort for all passengers

You will never hesitate between your vehicle and other means of transport for your journeys and holidays again. Nothing else equals the comfort of the DS 7 CROSSBACK.

The spacious seats, designed in high-density foam, welcome passengers with softness and resistance, while with seat backs that recline electronically from 23 to 32°, the rear of the vehicle offers unprecedented habitability.

As for the front seats, why not spoil yourself with the luxury of heated, ventilated and massaging seats?

The trunk, equipped with a "loaded arm" system, enables you to open and close it with a simple movement of your foot under the rear bumper, so you’ll be glad that you packed so much luggage. Family vacations need a lot of space!

DS 7 CROSSBACK: a unique driving experience

With the DS, every effort is made to ensure that the time you spend on the road is pure pleasure. And the DS 7 CROSSBACK is pleasure in its purest form.

Never before has a vehicle sound system gone so far in terms of top-of-the-range quality. With FOCAL, the leader in professional acoustics, we offer you a totally immersive musical experience, through the 14 speakers distributed in your vehicle.

Of course, every detail of the interior of your DS 7 CROSSBACK can be completely customized: Cashmere or Titanium surroundings with a choice of 8 lighting colours, reminiscent of the refinement of the most beautiful Parisian salons.

Five combustion engines make driving the DS 7 CROSSBACK comfortable and dynamic, but thanks to the new generation of eight-speed automatic gearboxes, it is also perfectly smooth.

And because driving should always be synonymous with environmental considerations, the technology in our SUV ensures controlled fuel consumption and optimal level C0² emissions.

The DS 7 CROSSBACK offers you a rare and unique experience: comfort combined with extreme refinement, not forgetting safety, always at the heart of our concerns.

The roads are waiting for you!