Map of delivery and return centres in Calais

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Gare Maritime de Calais, Comptoir Voyages-Inglard
Terminal Est Car Ferry, Hall Débarquement Piétons, 62100 Calais

LUNDI AU VENDREDI 8H00 à 12H00 et de 14H00 à 18H00

Telephone: +33 3 21 96 36 12

Latitude: 50.97255
Longitude : 1.87705

A major port for centuries, and the historic gateway from France to England. If you have an open mind, there are many things to watch. The belfry still present is a UNESCO site, and just opposite is one of the most famous works of Auguste Rodin. You can immerse yourself in the history of Calais lace and go underground in a preserved Nazi bunker.